Red Bird

A starseed in the shadow of the moon

I tasted the dew on your lips

and now I’m forever thirsty


But when I cry, I fall like rain on plains

and settle in the cracked earth

beneath your soles

water to fire, still we smolder



Carry me in a red bird’s breast


You nest in the walls of my womb






Summer Heat

I heard your heart

in her voice

pulsing through tempered glass

and salty steam

your lips curled like crescent moons

and your eyes folded like desert sands


I was ice in the summer heat

(still a puddle at your feet)



Plastic Moon

Soft peach sunset

wooded silhouette

painted in pastel hues

A plastic moon

draped in cloudy curtains

like the fog of -a

love-stained brain

and the steam

of asphalt rain




Beneath your body,

I hatch


Legs spreading, soaring,

blood boiling in

hot spring pools


We soak our souls in sweat

and surrender our shells

to the swells of our shadows



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