un ravel ing

the thread fed through

the eye of the needle,

needed and depleted

shouting down the corridors

of her own throat


“pull it together, don’t choke now”



a Venetian courtesan

bare back basking in the white heat

for the amusement of an elementary imagination


tired of being twisted,

patching broken brains

aching since pulp


meanwhile, the world folds and

seeks the safety of her back pocket,


“carry me, steady me”


but she’s

u    n      r a   v     e     l    i         n     g




My Own Witch

You can fill my mouth with flowers

so that when I speak, my tulips part

and paint your ears with your favorite colors

You can hold me in the roughs of your palms,

my soft skin like the fleece we use to cape our naked bodies,

and keep me in the space between two worlds

Sometimes, when I see a Monarch, my memory flutters

and I can’t escape the tears I wiped from your face that morning

I wish I could fly away

but the truth is, I wasn’t to born to sit

My mother taught me how to bewitch my own heart

so that when it beats for you, it beats harder for the world

so that when I look into the pits of my sullen eyes

I know just how to wrap my soul in bandages

and smile at the child hiding in my strides

Forward. For her. For you.



Missed Call

I missed your call

just like I missed all of the signs

Clawing at doorknobs,

sleeping with debt

No more fingers in my hair

or braids in front of Maury

I still eat Fruity Pebbles for dinner

and talk shit on your lasagna

I won’t miss the next one


I miss you too much




Sometimes I am buried

Sometimes you are fresh air

And always, I love you

Then, we were cars

chasing grief

like miles in mirrors

We felt

the bugs hit our wrists

and the sun scorch our shoulders

Now, we are wings

and someday, we’ll be gardens

But always, I love you



Red Bird

A starseed in the shadow of the moon

I tasted the dew on your lips

and now I’m forever thirsty


But when I cry, I fall like rain on plains

and settle in the cracked earth

beneath your soles

water to fire, still we smolder



Carry me in a red bird’s breast


You nest in the walls of my womb





Summer Heat

I heard your heart

in her voice

pulsing through tempered glass

and salty steam

your lips curled like crescent moons

and your eyes folded like desert sands


I was ice in the summer heat

(still a puddle at your feet)



Plastic Moon

Soft peach sunset

wooded silhouette

painted in pastel hues

A plastic moon

draped in cloudy curtains

like the fog of -a

love-stained brain

and the steam

of asphalt rain




Beneath your body,

I hatch


Legs spreading, soaring,

blood boiling in

hot spring pools


We soak our souls in sweat

and surrender our shells

to the swells of our shadows



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